Public Safety

The Public Safety Committee presents recommendations for all issues relating to the safety and well-being of citizens in the City of Fairfield.

The Committee consults with the City Manager regarding Police and Fire Departments and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office regarding crime reduction and fire safety issues at the local level. This Committee ensures that services provided by emergency medical transport remain accessible and effective with rapid response times. In addition, it reviews and recommends amendments to policies to aid the enforcement of the City’s traffic code, on and off-street parking issues, work related and non-work related accidents, injuries, fatalities, public nuisances, noise, environmental hazards, animal control, building codes, and inspections. The Committee also receives updates from the City Manager regarding the management of; municipal correctional facilities, municipal courts, and investigations. The Committee may also receive recommendations from the City Manager regarding building relationships with other agencies that may provide training and expertise for local law enforcement staff.

Committee Persons

Council members assigned to the committee.

Fire Department

Providing emergency firefighting services and other life safety services for the City.

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Police Department

Providing defense in protecting the citizens.

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