Eddie J. Penny


As Mayor, I have been actively involved in evaluating effective methods of providing comprehensive resolutions to Fairfield City’s financial issues. I am the presiding officer of the City Council Meetings which are held every first and third Monday at 6:00pm at Fairfield City Hall and my responsibilities extend over all six council districts.

I maintain my involvement with the Community by continuing visibility of leadership and community awareness through attending Neighborhood Association meetings, partnering with churches and Miles College and creating an open door policy for citizens to meet and discuss specific problems or concerns.  In my capacity as an elected official, my primary goal is the restoration of the City’s finances through consistent involvement with the Finance and Revenue Committee to make informed decisions regarding the expenditures necessary to disburse viable city services.

We extend the platform for citizens, officials and any other member of the general public to relay their concerns to the governmental body, while ensuring they are properly channeled through administration.  I am observant of parliamentary procedure, and insightful to those who wish to partake in the functions of the Mayor-Council form of government in an orderly fashion.

It is my duty to commission the Council to evaluate effective methods of providing comprehensive resolutions to the city’s problems.  I designate Council Committees to study existing ordinances, resolutions, and policies and when necessary, creation of new policy that may be required.

My desire is for the city of Fairfield to be a safe environment for the collegiate base, the corporate and blue collar working class and their families. My vision is for the City of Fairfield to have a growing economy, be conducive to job placement, maintain secure and safe communities and encourage entrepreneurship.

As a retired educator and former member of the Fairfield Board of Education, I exhibited great interest in equipping our youth with a quality education and empowering them with economic options upon graduation. 

I am a graduate of Alabama A & M University and University of Alabama at Birmingham. I am married to my loving wife, Vera and we have two adult children, TaSharra and Edwin. My hobby and means of relaxation is playing golf and enjoying the great outdoors.

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4701 Gary Avenue
Fairfield, AL 35064

Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

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